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Improve your hearing experience with Eora -
the innovative hearing jewelry

Experience a unique design and brilliant acoustics with Eora, the world’s first hearing jewelry. Eora combines high-quality audiological technology with stylish design. The hearing jewelry is light and robust and ideal for all those who want to make a statement.

Inspired by the way a hearing aid works, the Eora hearing jewelry contains sophisticated hearing technology. A small cable, to which a tiny speaker is attached, directs the amplified and processed sound into your ear. Thanks to the careful positioning of the microphone in the receiver unit, your hearing experience remains as natural as possible. The so-called “pinna effect” is used to simulate the way the human ear works and to preserve the natural differences in volume and pitch.

Eora is available in elegant gold or statement silver and offers a simple interchangeable function so that you can adapt the piece of jewelry to your own style and mood at any time. You can simply insert the technical module into a new design, close it and you’re done!

To experience the unique effect of Eora for yourself, we cordially invite you to test the product in our specialist store. The prerequisite is a mild to moderate hearing loss and pierced ears. Our hearing care professionals are at your disposal to provide you with personalized advice and ensure that Eora is the perfect fit for you.

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